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Used Packaging Water Manufacturing Plant

ORIGIN:  Taiwan
CAPACITY:  20 cartons/ hr 
 (600 ml x 24 bottles/ carton)
 (1500 ml x 12 bottles/ carton)
1 Raw Water Activated Carbon System
2 Micro-filter System
3 Reverse osmosis system
4 Reciprocating Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Equipment
5 Automatic Monitoring System
(Manometer, Flow Indicator, Conductivity meter, PH meter, TDS meter, residual oxygen meter etc.)
6 Automatic Control System
(Water Level Controller, Pressure Indicator etc.)
7 Refined Water Storage Tanks
(capacity: 5 tons x 4)
This item is not included due to the large size & high freight.  Available if Buyer wants it.
8 Empty PET Bottle Loading Machine
1500 ml * 60 bottles
9 Rotary PET Bottle Washing Machine
1500 ml * 60 bottles
10 Dosing device
11 Plastic Cap Conveyor
12 Plastic cap star wheel conveyor, Plastic cap track,
Bactericidal spray washing device
13 Chemical cycle tank
14 Ozone generated device
15 Automatic Bottle Washing, Filling & Capping Machine
16 Replacement kit
17 Automatic CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) cleaning system
18 Inspection lamp
19 Automatic labeling machine
20 Printing machine
21 Automatic packaging machine
22 Automatic strapping machine
desktop roller
23 Top plate chain conveyor system
24 Stretching film Pallet Over wrapping Machine
Finished Product quality:  Complying with Taiwan's CAS (=Taiwan Premium Agricultural Products) food
 level standard.
INSPECTION:  Available

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Used Packaging Water Production Line