We welcome all types of companies, big or small, in all areas of the world to work together with us and create mutual benefits under the goodwill to help merchandise efficiently and trustworthily be delivered to businesses who need it.


We are a Taiwan-based company established in 1995 and in the same year our branch in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was set up.  We were one of the few Taiwanese companies pioneering the market, starting with EDM and CNC Machinery and then extended to various other fields, such as used vehicles and heavy equipment.  In 2002, we broadened our services by erecting an electrical engineering co. with an EDM production/ assembly line in Vietnam not only to serve locally but aim at the global market.

During the early years, most of our importing products were for the Vietnamese market, and for export business, products from Taiwan and Vietnam were our main concerns.  However, for recent years, we have focused on the global import-export market thanks to the fact that we have had business partners, customers and clients from many parts of the world.  And we are always adjusting our strategies for global economic atmosphere and changes.     

Since 1995, we have been providing our best services in trading field and making our most efforts to meet our clients' needs as well in import and export business.  All these years,  we have doubtlessly fulfilled our mission.  We have not only different product lines on many categories but  also are ceaselessly trying to look for other items that our clients may need.

Our Unified Business Number (business registration No.) with Taiwan's MOEA ( Ministry of Economic Affairs) is : 89802496.

We specialize in New/ Used products as follows :

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CNC machine center, lathes and milling machines, working machines  

Whole-plant Equipment / Production Line

EDM machines                              
Production and processing of motorcycles, vehicles and parts

Trucks, trailers, motor coaches, minibuses, motorcycles, cars, hoists and parts 

Excavators, bulldozers, lifters and vibrating rollers                        
Shooting Range or Gallery
3- D Driving Simulators
Solar products
Food and Food machinery
Metal/ plastic/ paper scrap, copper/ copper scrap, cement, river sand/ stones.....


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